• Deadline for Submission of Preliminary Paper:

    • February 6, 2017
      February 19, 2017
      (Hard Deadline)

  • Notification of Acceptance:

    • March 12, 2017
      March 20, 2017

  • Deadline for Submission of Final Paper:

    • April 5, 2017



The IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC) is a conference on wireless powering, rotating between Europe, Asia and North America. It started in Perugia, Italy in 2013, followed by WPTC2014 in Jeju, Korea, WPTC2015 in Boulder, USA, and WPTC2016 in Aveiro, Portugal. The 2017 WPTC will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, hosted by National Chung-Hsing University (NCHU), and supported by MTT-26, an MTT technical committee formed in 2011 that focuses on wireless energy/power transmission, energy harvesting/conversion and related technologies. The meeting is intended to cover a broad range of areas related to devices, integrated circuits, systems and applications of WPT across the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition to high-quality technical sessions, the conference will feature tutorials as well as product exhibitions.  


Technical Areas

  1. Technologies for wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
    • Near-field (inductive, resonant) power transfer
    • Power management and power electronics
    • EMC/EMI, shielding, and coexistence of wireless power and signal transfer
    • Coils, resonators, and antennas
    • Microwave transmission and beaming
  2. Power transmitters and receivers for wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
    • High-frequency power transmitters and devices
    • High-frequency rectifying circuits and devices
    • Rectennas and rectenna arrays
    • Devices and techniques for energy harvesting and scavenging
  3. Integrated circuits and systems for wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
    • AC-DC rectifier integrated circuits
    • Integrated DC-DC converters
    • Wireless power transfer systems
    • RF energy harvesting, self-powered sensors
    • RFID and electronic tags
    • Integrated circuits for biomedical or wearable devices
  4. Applications of wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
    • Mobile and personal devices
    • Home/Industrial-appliances
    • Electric vehicles
    • Medical and biological devices
    • Standardization, regulations and biological effects
  5. Other device, system or application topics related to wireless power
    • Power conditioning
    • Power control methods
    • Efficiency improvement techniques
    • 5G mobile network
    • Internet of things (IoT)






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